Ten Smart City Pitfalls to Avoid

You should avoid the following:

  1. Making Your Smart City Project a Tech Program and Putting IT in Charge
  2. Garnering Insufficient Support and Engagement from Stakeholders
  3. Limiting Efforts To Your City Boundaries
  4. Paying Insufficient Attention to Inclusiveness Issues
  5. Moving Forward with Inadequate Governance
  6. Working with No Clear Vision for the Program
  7. Downplaying the Essential Roles of Security and Privacy
  8. Sharing Successes and Failures Too Narrowly
  9. Sticking Stubbornly to the Old Ways of Doing Things
  10. Thinking Too Short-Term

You’ll find an explanation of each of these 10 areas in my new book and a lot more clear guidance on building a smarter and more sustainable community.

Dr. Jonathan Reichental is the best-selling author of Smart Cities for Dummies. It is available all over the world now in physical book and ebook format. You can purchase it here www.smartcitybook.com or at your favorite local bookstore or online retailer.



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Dr. Jonathan Reichental

Dr. Jonathan Reichental

Multiple award-winning technology and business leader. Best-selling author. Professor. Idea machine.